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Making 3D for the Randstad VR Experiment at Capitola was my second footstep in the 3D world after my internship at tygdigital. First of all we did a lot of research about VR interface, VR interaction etc


The first goal was to explain to the client how we could make work a multiple choice test in VR. Then I created a speed draft of what we could see in the device while selecting items.


The Randstad VR project was my first project as a VR experiment, for me and th team everything was new. Then it means we had to do a lot of brandstorming before starting the design, the interaction and the development.

First we started to create a bunch of simple paper style assets to implement them into Unity and test a new king of interaction.

paper-scene randstadscreenshot1

After a few tries of interaction i tried to find a cool way to materlialize the Randstad world.

randstadscreenshot6 randstadscreenshot5 randstadscreenshot4 randstadscreenshot3

Then in the end we decided to go back to the paper style buildings.


So the idea was to create a multiple choice test. For this we had to create a little room where to play before to enter the Randstad world. We created to cube room. You’re sitting in the cube room during the test. Questions appear in front of you and assets come to your face. You have to make a choice by selecting the assets. For the interaction of this sequence we also did a bunch of tries. The challenge was to create a way to select items without controler, only the Oculus reticule.

cuberoom_01 cuberoom_02


And to make it more “live” we animated the blocks. Here is an example of a moving (breathing) wall. The blocks are moving in terms of the user interactions.

Time to make the assets !

First we needed a bunch of assets for the multiple-choice test. I had to make arround 30 assets for 6 different domains (finance, IT, marketing, service, techniek, zorg).


The city

After the multiple choice test, te user deeps into a customised Randstad world. The city assets change in terms of the user choices. Whit the result of the test we’re able to decide in wich domain the user would be more comfortable. So first we had to find the good Randstad city. Here are some examples about city concept and way to generate random buildings.